About Unbound

Unbound was a collection of forward-looking musicians determined to make art in the moment. Founded in 2013 in Miami, Florida, members of Unbound are trained in the works of the masters, but with a love for spontaneous, experimental music. They explore the limits of their art and seek to include the other artistic disciplines for a more complete experience for their audience. For Unbound, music in the moment was the aim. Out of these experiments comes a true expression.

Unbound ceased operation a few years ago, but the spirit lives on! Check out our members' other work elsewhere on the web and in your town.

Unbound Group Photo
Tyson Voigt, Philippe Brunet, Jennifer Voigt, Kimberly Everett, Matthew Taylor, Ryan Townsend, Dan Dickinson, Karlyn Mason

Unbound is:

  • Jennifer Voigt – Soprano
  • Ryan Townsend – Tenor
  • Kim Everett – Oboe
  • Matthew Evan Taylor – Alto Saxophone, Flute, Piano
  • Philippe Brunet – Trumpet
  • Karlyn Mason – Percussion
  • Tyson Voigt – Percussion
  • Dan Dickinson – Double Bass