Who Is Unbound?

UnboundĀ is a collection of forward-looking musicians determined to make art in the moment. Founded in 2013 in Miami, Florida, members of Unbound are trained in the works of the masters, but with a love for spontaneous, experimental music. They explore the limits of their art and seek to include the other artistic disciplines for a more complete experience for their audience. For Unbound, music in the moment is the aim. Out of these experiments comes a true expression.

Come to hear Unbound: you are guaranteed a unique experience.

L to R: Tyson Voigt, Philippe Brunet, Jennifer Voigt, Kimberly Everett, Matthew Evan Taylor, Ryan Townsend, Dan Dickinson, Karlyn Mason


  • Jennifer Voigt – Soprano
  • Ryan Townsend – Tenor
  • Kimberly Everett – Oboe
  • Matthew Evan Taylor – Alto Saxophone, Flute, Piano
  • Philippe Brunet – Trumpet
  • Karlyn Mason – Percussion
  • Tyson Voigt – Percussion
  • Dan Dickinson – Double Bass